What the wiki? I'm a helluva engineer.

Coming from a local, rather small school to a large university such as Georgia Tech is a revolutionary change for me. It is greater than I had ever expected, so my habits must change proportionately, I believe. I have never needed to study, wanted to study or even opened a textbook in all of my life. I see now, however, I may have to learn to do all these things in order to thrive at this school, especially the wanting to study part, for if I do not enjoy this part, then I am doomed to fail.

So, my dilemma faces me head on from the first day. How do I make studying interesting? How can I supplement the things the professors say and maybe even get away with not buying a single textbook? After all, if I never open them, they do me no good, right?

I think the answer to this is this wiki. I will be listing my classes, complete with outlines and hyperlinks and compiling data in this format.

I hope this works.

Applied Spectroscopy


Political Theory and Ideologies

Inorganic Chemistry

Quantitative Analysis